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Special Programs & Events

Our goal is to bring hope to men and women who are incarcerated, both physically, as well as in their hearts and minds, through the execution of the three, "E's":

Education - Empowerment - Encouragement

 We achieve this through the vehicles of in-prison programming, utilization of theatrical productions and other performing arts, motivational speakers, spiritual programs and conferences, Life Elevation Coaching, and for those who desire, individual counseling and prayer.  

Our Spiritual Programs, Conferences, Life Elevation Coaching and Prayer are also extended to those who reside outside of prison walls, but find that they need the resources offered to assist them with the achievement of personal goals for emotional freedom,  life purpose identification and fulfillment.

In-Prison Programming and Workshops


Coursework and workshops that address criminogenic factors with content that develop strong, positive character and leadership skills.

Theatrical Productions/Performing Arts

Production of, "Shakin' The Mess Outtta Misery" performed at Metropolitan Detention Center

Utilization of theatrical arts in prison communities to deliver thought-provoking messaging that encourages  stimulating discussions for incarcerated populations and positive change.

Programs for Motivation & Education

More About Our Special Programs & Events

World-Class Motivators

Celebrity Chef/International coach "Chef Jeff" Henderson at Terminal Island Federal Prison

Experienced, professional motivators who speak to the heart  of men and women, helping them understand how to enhance and leverage their current knowledge to gain fruitful employment and successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

Life-Giving Spiritual Programs & Conferences


Uplifting testimonial and worship services and conferences, held both inside and outside of prison walls, that cleanse and encourage the hearts and souls while providing clarity of purpose.

Programs for Training & Development

Ministry Training and Educational Programming

Prison Ministry & Mentorship Group Training


We give organizations that desire to establish formalized prison and mentorship groups the training and guidance necessary to confidently interface with the state and federal prisons, county jails, volunteer selection and management, and other various factors that are vital to successful ministry establishment.

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"Beyond The Shackles" TV Program


"Beyond The Shackles" TV Program (airs on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network in over 7 countries), features a wide scope of individuals who play key roles in the restorative process of the hearts and minds of men and women around the world.  

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Programs for Personal & Professional Support

Life Elevation Coaching - Counseling & Prayer

Life Elevation Coaching


Vision for life purpose often becomes clouded with the daily issues and responsibilities of life.  Life Elevation Coaching will assist you with identifying and overcoming barriers so that you can move from your current stage of vision development to a more advanced level of achievement.

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Sometimes you need someone who shares your faith in Christ to counsel and agree with you in prayer.  One -on-one phone appointments are available.

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